Integrated Leadership - leverage your mind, brain and body to lead well

It amazes me. In spite of so much new and interesting information about health, exercise, brain function and nutrition, we see leadership and growth mindset as something that occurs above the shoulders, while fitness and wellbeing falls below the shoulders. Just take a look at the vast literature available today in each of these domains and you'll get my point.

Hence I'm promoting the idea of Integrated Leadership. To be honest, coining a term that headlines this idea is actually more difficult than writing about it. I started with somatic leadership, and some people indeed write about this subject under this heading. However, even this definition term has the definition "relating to the body, especially as distinct from from the mind". Again, the demarkation between mind and body.

It's a simple case: the brain and mind are subject to the same biological rules as the rest of the body. If diet, hydration, fitness and sleep are poor then the brain will simply not function as well as it could.  Let's take a leadership example from the perspective of some brain 'workflows' snd see what happens under wellbeing deprivation: