Always an educator in some fashion, Andrew began his professional career as a teacher in 1984, and progressed through middle and senior school leadership to eventual become a coach, trainer, facilitator and consultant to schools in Australia, the UK and Canada. With an unconditional focus on the growth of others, Andrew has refined his engagement skills around the contexts of leadership, neuroscience and ICT. His extensive coaching and facilitation heritage strongly influence both his style and methodology, and he has a key passion for converting theory and forward thinking into real-world application.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Andrew published his first book, “The Success Zone” in 2009, a book that sits at the intersection of neuroscience, coaching and personal leadership. Principles of the book have since been applied to diverse fields including teacher and leader development, health, sports performance and parenting.

Since 2005, Andrew has also been working closely with schools around ICT strategy development, and technology adoption. Here, he has helped schools strategically develop return on investment for ‘the spend’ on technology in schools via a key focus on teacher practice. His experience is now being applied in large-school technology adoption and strategy at the Australian International School Singapore, where he is the Director of ICT.  He retains a strong interest in coaching and continues to assist in the development of a coaching culture both at the individual and organisational levels across Asia.

Recent Conference Contributions, Keynotes and Workshops

  • Digital Education Show Asia, KL, May 2014
  • Civica Singapore Conference November 2013
  • Digital Education Show Asia, KL Malaysia, May 2013
  • Sydney EduTech Conference, May 2012
  • Cairns SkillsTech Australia Far North QLD TAFE Conference August 2011
  • Alliance for International Education July 2010 (Melbourne) 
  • New York Neuroleadership Summit Oct 2008 – Education Panel Facilitator
  • Sydney Neuroleadership Summit Sep 2008 – Education Panel Facilitator
  • Durham International Leadership Conference, July 2008 Durham, UK